About leasing

What is leasing?

The term is derived from the English verb "to lease", meaning "to let out on hire" or "to take a rent of, or to hire". In Slovenia the word "leasing" has different connotations. The accountants call it "najem - the rent", while ordinance on the classification of activities refers to it as " zakup - the lease ". In each case the term designates a special form of finance for the usage of equipment and immovable properties. It is neither the complete rent nor a complete loan although it unites the elements of both. The subject matter of the agreement is granted for use to the leasee (upon the receipt of certain indemnities for a limited period of use). Accordingly the lessor buys the subject matter of the agreement and rents it for the use of the leasee. The latter pays a rent for its use according to the leasing agreement. The lessor is the owner of the subject matter throughout the entire period of the leasing agreement. With the expiry of the contractual relationship the leasee may also buy the subject matter.

The difference between leasing and credit

The difference between leasing and credit is in the debt’s insurance towards the creditor. In principle the leasing does not require the acquisition of additional surety bonds or securities since the guarantee for the movable or immovable property, which is the subject matter of the leasing agreement, is the lessor’s property right in itself.