The majority of people can not imagine life without a car. To be mobile is not only an advantage, nowadays, it is a necessity. The distances driven, which become longer every day, demand the more frequent change of your trusty chariot. There are people who change a car as soon as they get tired of it. Therefore it is probably not a surprise that the lease of a vehicle chosen by you, due to its flexibility, has become a more and more frequent method of purchasing a car. We are offering you different forms of leasing.

The lease of vehicles is available to you for new as well as second-hand vehicles. The period of financing for private vehicles should not exceed 6 years, and that of commercial vehicles should not exceed 7 years. In the case of the finance of second-hand vehicles the total period of leasing depends on the age of a vehicle, which together with the leasing period should not exceed 10 years.

The lease of vehicles is offered to you for:

  • Private vehicles of all brands,
  • Commercial vehicles,
  • Light and heavy cargo vehicles,
  • Trailers,
  • Buses,
  • Tractors,
  • Motorcycles,
  • Other vehicles.

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Full operative leasing, respectively, the full business lease of vehicles for companies

Full operative leasing, respectively, the full business lease of vehicles from the NLB Leasing Group represents the lease of one or several vehicles for your company, with additional services and the application of the preliminary known fixed monthly rent for the optional period from one to five years.

The aim of the package is to save a company''s time, that is required for the purchase and up keep of the vehicles, and to ensure the safety of employees on road. The full commercial leasing of a vehicle enables the off-balance record of liability without the limitation of the credit potential, required for your investments. At the same time, the fixed monthly rent represents the balance sheet expenditure, which lowers the tax base of the total taxable income.

The reliable experts of NLB Leasing will take care of all the formalities for you: starting with the order of different brands of vehicles with favourable prices, the registration of vehicles, the verification of after-sale services (also the exchange and storage of tyres), the payment of fuel, tolls, car washes and insurance without cash. The package includes 24-hour assistance and the possibility of the use of a spare vehicle in the case of damage or an accident. With a preliminary agreement we will also bring the vehicle to your home.